Wednesday, October 20, 2004

XII - Environment

1)   Carbon Dioxide is:

a)    A gas commonly found on earth

b)   Generated as exhaust from  the respiratory systems of all animals on earth

c)    Used by the respiratory system of plants

d)   A pollutant dangerous to the environment


2)   Height restrictions, zoning laws, environmental protection laws and “open space” requirements on developers

a)    Allow those in an area (the rich) to discriminate against others (the poor) because the restrictions  make it uneconomical for developers to provide lower-income housing

b)   Create housing shortages and higher prices by reducing the incentives developers have for building

c)    Allow individuals to more easily discriminate against minorities because there is a surplus of people looking for housing

d)   Encourage urban sprawl, increase commuting time and pollution, and increases the chance of automobile fatalities

e)    Reduce the human consumption of resources and environmental impact on the land while  making  the earth a better place to live


Extra Credit: How clean does water and air need to be?

Water and Air must be 100% pure of all contaminants including natural dirt, dust and other natural biological contaminants. This should be done at whatever cost is required if it saves even one human life.


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