Wednesday, October 20, 2004

XI - Feminism

1)   Which Factors below might affect the pay that any person will receive and should be taken into account when determining the Gender Wage Gap in an effort to determine the degree to which gender discrimination has an effect on wages?

a)    Training

b)   Experience

c)    Profession

d)   Effect of Marital Status on work goals

e)    Effect of children on work goals

f)    Age

g)   Level of Education achieved

h)   Reputation of Schools attended

i)    Professional Reputation and references

j)    Individual Career Goals and interests

k)   Gaps in Work History

l)    Willingness to travel

m)  Inter-personal skills and tendency toward aggressiveness (demand raise, change jobs)

n)   Type of Work (Part time, Full Time, Volunteer, unemployed)

o)   Other Perks and compensation (Good Co-workers, day-care, flexible hours, etc)

p)   Membership and contacts in Professional Organizations

q)   Membership is Fraternity/Sorority Groups

r)    Individual willingness to relocate and other Geographical factors

s)    Personal Work Habits (punctuality, dedication, loyalty)

t)    Physical Attractiveness and  mode of dress/presentation

u)   Gender

v)   Race

w)  Previous Criminal Acts

x)   Complimentary Contributions of others

y)    Luck and chance

z)    Friendliness

(Technically answer (n)  shouldn’t be counted, since it leaves out many women who are forced to work part time or not at all, but the male patriarchical system includes this factor to make the numbers look better in government calculations)

2)   What factors might affect the qualified pool of applicants and should be taken into account when determining if there is a “glass ceiling” as determined by the percentage representation of women in advanced positions ? Check as many as apply:

a)    The years of experience needed for the job

b)   The educational level needed for the job

c)    The career experience need for the job

d)   The historical demographics of worker participation by gender in the required career

e)    The historical educational levels of men and women in the required career

f)    The number of men and women who have gaps in their work history

g)   The number of men and women who are determined to advance to a high level position

h)   None of the above, the expected percentage is always 50%


3)   The application of higher physical requirements to men and lower physical requirements  to women when each applies for the same position in the military, police and firefighting forces results in:

a)    Increased performance of the entire force

b)   Women out-performing men

c)    The same performance as if both groups where held to the higher standard

d)   More equality

4)   Which of the following are proof that society is a male-dominated patriarchy run by men for the benefit of men (Check all that apply):

a)    A male-only Draft

b)   Prevalence of advertisements that follow the “Stupid Man, Smart Woman” formula

c)    The tendency for women to decide marry men who earn more than them

d)   More men die on the job then women

e)    5 % of the National Institutes of Health budget is spent on male-specific studies

f)    10% of the National Institutes of Health budget is spent on women-specific studies

g)   Men are more likely to volunteer to be guinea pigs in medical and drug experiments

h)   Men have a higher suicide rate than women

i)    Men have a greater chance of being homeless than women

j)    Women have control over 85+% of the household income of the United States

k)   Women suffer more more from war than Men because they survive in greater numbers and must rebuild in horrible conditions

l)    Violence against men is funny

m)  Violence against women is not funny


5)   Women belong in combat because

a)    Men have been shown to run farther and carry more (aerobic and strength endurance)

b)   Most women can’t perform the combat emergency procedures required on a naval vessel (Moving Wounded, Running the Fire hose, positioning Submersible pump)

c)    Women can only qualify for combat duty when physical standards are set lower

d)   A truly angry woman is more violent than any man

e)    More equality would be achieved


6)   Male-Female Sexual Intercourse :

a)    Is Rape

b)   A form of Male Domination

c)    Is not a valid  method of human procreation

d)   Is not a right protected under the constitution


7)   Abortion helps society by:

a)    Affirming a Woman’s right to chose

b)   Encouraging the spread of disease by reducing the potential consequences

c)    Encouraging the extra-marital sex by reducing the potential consequences

d)   Helping the African-Americans commit self-inflicted genocide

e)    Removing the “unwanted”  population of the earth at a rate similar to Hitler’s


8)   A Law that guarantees Doctors and Pharmacists the right of refusal to perform abortions and sell abortion medications

a)    Imposes a specific ideology on the doctors and pharmacists

b)   Allows doctors to follow their own conscience in interpreting the Hippocratic oath

c)    Increases the number of locations that women can obtain abortions

d)   Is an example of a woman’s right to choose.


9)   Government funded day care should be provided because

a)    It is then easier to indoctrinate them with Human Secularist beliefs

b)   Children are then more likely to see the government as their caretaker

c)    Experts can provide better child care than parents

d)   A Two-income lifestyle should be subsidized by one income families

e)    It will encourage more women to become single mothers

f)    A woman without a job is not a real person

Extra Credit : Determine the Comparative worth of Garbage Collectors (male dominated field), Executive Assistants (Female dominated field) and Homemakers (female dominated field) .  Based on your results, should they be paid the same? Please show all calculations and use correct units.

Garbage Collectors are worth 40 (Beliefs)/(Facts * Reason)

Executive Assistants are worth 42 (Beliefs)/(Facts * Reason)

Homemakers are worth 0 (Beliefs)/(Facts * Reason)

Therefore Executive Assistants should be paid the same as Garbage collectors, but only if the executive assistants are female. Homemaking contributes nothing to society .


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