Wednesday, October 20, 2004

IX - Family and Sex

1)   (True/False) Parents cannot teach the subjects of sex and sexuality because they are far too complex and technical for non-experts

2)   (True/False) The institution of the family perpetuates stereotypes and perceptions that must be realigned with new societal goals.

3)   The Institution of Marriage as practiced in many cultures around the world

a)    Is an outdated practice that is unnecessary and useless in the modern world

b)   Provides a societal framework of expectations and responsibilities that work to ensure a happy, safe and secure environment in which to bring up children

c)    Provides civil laws that grant special incentives to couples that help them create a economically secure safe haven in preparation for children

d)   Encourages less risky and more responsible behavior in both men and women

e)    Provides a greater chance that children will avoid detrimental behavior and become functioning members of society.

f)    Improves the quality of life while raising children by protecting both parties within an arrangement that allows for  the specialization of labor (one care-taker, one breadwinner)

g)   Is evidence of a patriarchical society

h)   Is about love


4)   What are acceptable forms of child discipline

a)    Spanking

b)   Time out

c)    Scolding

d)   Ritalin and Prozac eliminate the need for discipline


5)   Children should have the right to

a)    Reject parental discipline and have the freedom enjoyed by adults

b)   Receive (potentially risky) medical care without the consent of their guardian

c)    Have sex with whomever they want regardless of their age or age of the partner(s)

d)   Read the U.N. Charter

e)    Vote


6)   Pre-marital sex and adultery help society by

a)    Allowing more people to have a “good time”

b)   Increasing the risk that a child will be born into circumstances not conducive to its care

c)    Helping the pharmaceutical industry sell more products

d)   Increasing the spread of venereal disease

e)    Increasing the number of abortions

f)    Exposing more women to the health risks of disease, pregnancy and abortion

g)   Increasing number of children living in less than ideal circumstances via divorce

h)   Psychologically damaging children too immature to deal with it emotionally

7)   The best way to decrease “unwanted pregnancies” is to

a)    Provide education on oral sex and intercourse, and access to birth control techniques

b)   Provide access to abortion medication and procedures in each school

c)    Encourage Children to experiment with sex via homework assignments

d)   Provide training in the practices of homosexuality, bestiality, and domination 

e)    Make sure that children understand sex is a personal moral choice which no-one else can judge, even their parents

f)    Teach Children about the emotional and physical dangers of sex and council the children against foolish behavior in light of these facts


8)   What is the best method of procreation

a)    Sexual Intercourse

b)   Artificially inseminated Surrogate Mothers

c)    Invitro Fertilization of biological mother

d)   Egg-Egg Invitro

e)    Wife swapping


9)   Gay and Lesbian Marriage should be allowed because

a)    Society should be forced to support homosexual marriages via the traditional framework of expectations and responsibilities, regardless of their religious beliefs

b)   Typical behavior at  Gay Pride events is evidence that homosexuals will conform to the societal expectations of Marriage (monogamy, public decency)

c)    A vast majority of homosexuals want to get married

d)   Gay and Lesbian couples are likely to want and have children, and therefore need the advantages in preparing for them given to heterosexual couples

e)    The effects on children raised in Homosexual households are not well studied and the potential  social costs are not well understood

f)    It allows more equality


10)  Families with children that have two incomes do so because

a)    They are poor and the second job more than offsets the cost of childcare

b)   They are rich and the second job more than offsets the cost of childcare

c)    They are making a tradeoff between parenting and income

d)   It is more economically efficient for two people to do three jobs

e)    Outsourced parenting is superior to in home parenting


Extra Credit:  Why do Gays and Lesbians use different terms to describe themselves, rather than just one word like homosexual?

It is important to maintain differences between the sexes when it involves homosexuals


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