Wednesday, October 20, 2004

VIII - Morality

1)   (True/False) It is self-righteous to insist on standards that it is harder from some groups to meet than others

2)   Morality is:

a)    A cultural system for incremental judgment of certain behaviors within a society

b)   A system of values taught in a church

c)    The system of humanist values taught in public schools

d)   A system of values and beliefs that causes conflict and serves no purpose

e)    A system of values and beliefs that is based on superstition

f)    A system that can easily be articulated and applied categorically by laws

g)   A trade-off of  individual freedom to share in benefits enjoyed by the whole group

h)   An archaic system of beliefs that should be abandoned


3)   Acts of personal immoral behavior should be not be judged by others because

a)    Everybody is doing it

b)   It is a result of Media Conglomerates stressing sexual themes and products

c)    There can be no meaningful definition of morality in a multicultural society

d)   Such judgments serve no societal purpose


4)   Which of the following should be left to a persons own conscience because they have no effect on others or society at large:

a)    Adultery

b)   Pre-marital sex

c)    Abortion

d)   Children born out of wedlock

e)    Access to pornography

f)    Who and how old your sex partner is

g)   How much you earn

h)   How many and which types of risky endeavors you are willing to attempt

i)    How you parent


5)   Examples of an Epidemic are :

a)    Teen-age pregnancies

b)   Drug use

c)    AIDS

d)   Crime

e)    Any disease that has spread throughout the population

f)    Any deliberate behavior that leads to a negative result can be alleviated via a government program


6)   Religion

a)    Is useless because it has failed to solve all of the worlds problems

b)   Is the refuge of the ignorant, the superstitious, and the stupid

c)    Is bad because it can be used by fanatics for evil purposes

d)   Helps to sets standards of behavior that are required for a functioning society and the production of good citizens, but which are too difficult to enforce by articulated categorical laws


7)   A “stigma” is

a)    The result empirical knowledge of typical behavior that has detrimental effects on others

b)   Social retaliation for behavior that has harmed or endangered others

c)    Deterrence for those who engage in detrimental behavior in the absence of stigmas

d)   The result of arbitrary and  narrow-minded  bigotry and prejudice

8)   A “stigma” is attached to the word “liberal” because

a)    Liberals advocate policies that inflict costs on others with no or little cost to themselves

b)   Liberal Policies often have detrimental impacts in other areas of life because their solutions are really “trade-offs”

c)    Liberal Policies tend to be implemented in terms of 3rd party decision making that reduces the choices of individuals

d)   Republicans are full  of arbitrary and  narrow-minded  bigotry and prejudice

9)   All life is sacred which is why

a)    There should be no death penalty for criminals

b)   War is always wrong

c)    All animals deserve humane treatment

d)   There should be no animal testing of any kind

e)    We should stop eating animals

f)    We should stop eating fish

g)   We should stop eating eggs

h)   We should stop providing abortions


10)   A Ban on Stem-Cell research means

a)    The Federal government will start funding Stem-cell Research

b)   Funding Research involving already developed stains of embryonic stem cells

c)    Funding Research involving stem cells from umbilical cords and after birth

d)   Funding Research involving stem cells from adults

e)    Funding Research involving the development of new strain from embryonic stem cells harvested before 2001

f)    Allowing Research involving the development of new strains of embryonic stem cells harvested after 2001 to continue but without federal funding.


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