Wednesday, October 20, 2004

VI - Foreign Policy

1)   Immigrants to the United States come here

a)    Because they like risking their lives in the ocean or in the desert and America just happened to be on the other side

b)   Because being poor in the United States is better than being poor anywhere else

c)    Because the United States allows social upward mobility regardless of race or birth

d)   Because they were fooled by the right-wing propaganda machine into volunteering to become the  exploited and downtrodden victims of greedy capitalists


2)   Illegal aliens are

a)    U.S Citizens

b)   Taxpayers

c)    Voters

d)   Eligible for all services of government


3)   What factors affect the price of “cheap” labor in the international market

a)    The condition of roads in the country where goods are to be produced

b)   The stability of the government and the protections it affords property rights

c)    The productivity of the labor

d)   The amount of corruption in the government 

e)    Tax Liabilities

f)    Government regulations of labor or manufacture

g)   The ability of a corporation to exploit the worker.


4)   International Aid helps 3rd world countries advance because:

a)    Then a corrupt government can then afford to enrich itself

b)   There is less incentive to establish systems that promote local and foreign investment in their country

c)    Most third world leaders want what is best for their people

d)   Money always helps


5)   Different Nations co-operate in a given effort when

a)    No one country acts like a “bully”

b)   When a Playground Monitor is present

c)    When they see it in their best self interest to do so

d)   When international law and the United Nations demand it


6)   The United Nations constitutes a World Government that

a)    Is superior and therefore overrides the U.S. Constitution

b)   Derives its authority and power from a mandate of “the people of the world” as c) was ratified at conventions of the people in each Nation

c)    Has built-in checks and balances to limit the abuse of power

d)   Is kept in check by general elections of its members

e)    Has the ability to enforce its resolutions and police its members by force if required

f)    can be bribed


7)   War is never the answer because:

a)    In any disagreement, both sides only want what is best for humanity

b)   It might result in a free democratic society

c)    It might free millions from totalitarian rule

d)   It might enhance human rights and abolish institutions like slavery

e)    It might prevent genocide and ideological purges

f)    Leaflet campaigns are more effective against a determined enemy


Extra Credit :  What if they gave a war and only one side came?

The side that did show up would see the total lack of opposition, feel embarrassed and ashamed of themselves and go back home


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