Wednesday, October 20, 2004

V - Education

1)   The best measure of an individual’s academic achievement is:

a)    Grades based on academic mastery of a subject as established by testing

b)   Grades based on individual effort

c)    The number of Participation awards they have

d)   Grades based on  group projects only

e)    The amount of self-esteem they have


2)   Speech Codes at Colleges and Universities the prevent conservative opinions from being expressed while on campus or enrolled in classes

a)    Prevent Hate Speech against minorities

b)   Prevent hate speech against White Anglo-Saxon Males

c)    Lead to a free exchange of ideas and access to different viewpoints

d)   Encourage a student’s ability to understand and cooperate with others

e)    Create a less hostile learning environment

f)    Are compliant with the 1st Amendment


3)   Universities should grant segregated housing to those minority students that petition for it because:

a)    Protecting their self esteem from the racists is more important than integration of races

b)   A reduction in exposure to different cultures and beliefs helps an individual become more educated and better able to succeed and adapt to a wider culture.

c)    The majority of students should be protected from minority cultures and ideas

d)   Minorities should be encouraged by their peers to retain attitudes, habits and cultural beliefs that may hinder their scholastic progress

e)    It fulfills the dream of Martin Luther King by encouraging desegregation of races.

f)    It results in a more equal society


4)   If 80% of a school faculty identifies themselves as liberal

a)    It will  prove  ideological discrimination against conservatives

b)   It will  encourage dissenting beliefs among students and faculty.

c)    It will have no effect on grading or discussions in the classroom

d)   It will prove that faculties don’t have ideological beliefs

e)    It will prove that liberals are smarter than conservatives


5)   Admitting an individual who belongs to a particular ethnic group under lower academic requirements to a school where the majority of the other students were admitted under higher academic standards:

a)    Adds to the self-esteem that individual

b)   Makes the individual capable of competing academically with the other students

c)    Results in unfairly passing over many other individuals on the basis ethnicity

d)   Leads others to more fully recognize the inherent abilities of members of the same ethnic group who were admitted under the higher academic standards

e)    Results in more “equality”

6)   Teachers in our Public schools need more money because

a)    Per Pupil real spending (inflation adjusted) has tripled over the last 40 years and this has led to corresponding increase in student performance

b)   The number of Public School employees per student is half what it was 40 years ago and this has led to a corresponding increase in student performance

c)    The number of students per teacher is a little more than half what it was 40 years ago and this has  led to a corresponding increase in student performance

d)   Teachers need the money to send their kids to private schools at twice the rate of the larger population

e)    The more Public School Officials and Teachers there are, the more money gets paid to the Teachers Union to promote socialist causes.

f)    That will improve the performance of the schools


7)   Tenure is a good system for the teaching profession because

a)    A teacher cannot be held accountable for poor teaching performance or other misdeeds

b)   It results in a protective barrier by which teachers can enforce their own moral and ideological codes in hiring and in the class room

c)    It encourages young un-tenured teachers to be outspoken and promote change

d)   It ensures teachers do not leave the public school system


8)   Parental requests that  children be excused from lessons on evolution in Public Schools

a)    Are Stupid and should be ignored

b)   Expose their children to willful ignorance

c)    Are attempts to force one intolerant version of “God’s Law” on everyone

d)   Should cause the children in question to be expelled

e)    Should result in attempts to force parents to choose between church and education


9)   Public Television

a)    Provides entertainment and education  that is demanded by the public at large

b)   Is subsidized by the taxpayers

c)    Prevents censorship of ballet, art, and music not demanded by the public

d)   Caters to the tastes of intellectuals


Extra Credit :  What are the Units of Individual Merit, and what scientific apparatus and procedures are used to measure it? 

  Merit is measured using a complex mix of intuition and enlightened guessing as detected by vibes and feelings.

 Its units are  Melanin + (bad* attitudes) + (ancestral * harship) / (family * income) + (intelligence) + (dilligence)


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