Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I - Core Principles

1)   (True/False) The right social policies will result in a society with no crime, poverty or inequality

2)   (True/False) If everyone in a society were treated equally there everyone would end up with equal outcomes 

3)   (True/False) The general public is irrational and ill educated on many subjects and therefore needs experts to guide them.

4)   (True/False) Moral Duty requires any undesirable outcome in society to be solved rather than simply accepted

5)   (True/False) Because the downtrodden in society are effectively silenced others must speak for them

6)   (True/False) An expert will never let Personal Incentives interfere when making decisions for “the public good” or “in the public interest”

7)   (True/False) Once information is obtained by experts, it becomes instantaneously available to everyone with no or low costs

8)   (True/False) Once information is obtained by experts it remains valid because the world is static and unchanging

9)   (True/False) Experts can always see all of  the ramifications of their decisions

10)  (True/False) There is never a need to choose between two undesirable outcomes.

11)  (True/False) Society can be effectively governed only by the articulated of laws and rules written by experts

12)  (True/False) Everyone should have the same rights and be treated equally under the law

13)  (True/False) Equality of outcomes should be obtained though the use of laws that treat people differently

14)  (True/False) Unequal outcomes are proof of intentional or systematic  discrimination against those with the lesser result (however measured)

15)  (True/False) There is no need to make a tradeoff between Individual Freedom and the needs of Society

16)  (True/False) Human Nature should be changed by programs designed to foster individual growth and personal enlightenment

17)  (True/False) People who contribute to society should subsidize people who do not

18)  (True/False) Differences in ability due to chance occurrences (who your parents are, where you were born, etc) should be equalized at any cost

19)  (True/False) A “Crisis” is any situation which calls for a solution

20) (True/False) A “Trauma” is any unfortunate event that has happened to an individual whether inflected by others or by the individual’s environment

21)  (True/False) “Success” is synonymous with “privilege”

22) (True/False) “Failure” is synonymous with “disadvantage”

23) (True/False) Freedom is the ability to accomplish any task

24) Which of the following people are worthy of respect

a)    Ghandi

b)   Mother Teresa

c)    Hitler

d)   George W. Bush

e)    Ronald Reagan

f)    Hillary Clinton

g)   All people are worthy of the same level of respect


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