Wednesday, October 20, 2004

IV - Crime and Punishment

1)   (True/False) Society imposes harsh punishments and long prison sentences on criminals because of irrational anger at the crime.

2)   (True/False) If the root causes of  poverty and hardship where removed from society there would be no crime

3)   (True/False) Miranda rights prevent police from taking advantage of un-savvy criminals who would otherwise not have the same chances of avoiding punishment as professional criminals

4)   Which of the following factors increase the crime rate

a)    Poverty

b)   Discrimination

c)    Guns

d)   Imprisonment

e)    Delays in the criminal system caused by a liberal appeals process

e)    High standards and difficult procedures for gathering evidence

f)    Low conviction rates

g)   Light sentencing

h)   Rehabilitation programs without empricial checks on effectiveness

i)    Willingness to report crimes to authorities


5)   Punishment of criminal acts

a)    Is morally questionable because a society does not have the right to judge behavior

b)   Does not lead to a 0% crime rate and therefore is futile

c)    Should be specific to an individual so as to not send categorical messages to other would-be criminals that might deter their behavior

d)   Should be done only after a lengthy trial process that increases the costs paid by society while lessening the chance a criminal will meet with punishment


6)   Capital punishment should be outlawed because

a)    Two wrongs DO NOT make a (constitutional) right

b)   Murders are committed by society

c)    Capital Punishment has been shown to be a deterrent to other criminals

d)   The number of people are murdered due to a lack of deterrence will less than then number killed via Capital punishment

e)    The innocent and the Guilty should be treated the same.


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