Thursday, May 12, 2005

Liberals and Star Trek

Liberal behavior makes a lot more sense, once you realize that they think they are contemporaries of Star Treks Jean Luc Picard and William Riker and Live in the United Federation of Progressives…
Why do I think this?
  1. They expect the French (like Jean Luc Picard) to be strong leaders and diplomats and are appalled when the U.S. does not automatically follow their lead

  2. They expect that the United States will obey the Prime Directive, and not interfere with other cultures (but of course make allowances for those, like themselves , who break the Prime Directive for the "right reasons")

  3. They see themselves as a citizen of the world

  4. They expect that all plans will be made and executed perfectly because everyone has access to a completely accurate computer database that knows everything, and can get you an answer to any question within seconds

  5. They believe that No natural disaster should ever happen because weather satellites and starships can prevent storms or earthquakes from occuring

  6. They expect goods and services to be provided free of charge and without environmental impact by a centralized government and take it for granted that technologies that enable such things ( such as free non-polluting power,free and accurate information, replicators, transporters and inexpensive space travel ) already exist

  7. They believe a war or disaster relief should be perfectly planned and instantly executed (see points 4 and 6)

  8. They expect people with different cultures and morals (aliens like Klingons, Romulans, Ferengi) will change their ways and values if they spend enough time with enlightened humans (such as themselves), and that all conflicts can and should be resolved in this way

  9. They always set their phasers on "Stun" so they will get a chance to try #8

  10.  They think we have effective wartime weapons that can be set on "Stun"

  11. They expect everyone with a profit motive to religiously follow the sexist, racist, and unscrupulous Ferengi Rules of Acquisition.

  12. They expect nobody should be forced to work for a living (see #6) , and that everyone should just be allowed to "follow their heart"

  13. They expect that millions of people using the freedom to "follow their own hearts" will all come to the same conclusions and naturally act in uniform concert with one another to advance the human race

  14. They think that unlimited access to wealth and  "expert" psychiatric care will eliminate the  human conditions of hatred, greed, jealousy, and sloth

  15. They believe  that any consequences of self-destructive or foolish behavior can and should be cured by a pill (alcoholism, drug abuse, obesity, pregnancy)

  16. They think that people ( like Spock or Data) who come to conclusions through examination of facts and logic, are simplistic, pathetic, black & white thinkers who would benefit from an ability to think emotionally

  17. They see it as an alien (Borg) attack whenever anyone in the United States supports "Assimilation" of an immigrant, or advocates  adding  "their cultural Distinctiveness to our own" in an American Melting pot.

  18. They think there is no God and that the powers of any God-Like Beings you might meet are merely results of being higher up on the evolutionary/technology scale, and therefore eventually attainable by humans


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