Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Was Your Indoctrination Successful?

Ultra-Liberalism Final Exam

Directions: In order to prevent damage to your self-esteem, this test is open note and open book and the answers are highlighted but no looking at them until you finish (honor system). Some multiple Choice questions have more than one answer – mark all that apply.

Warning: This test has been shown to cause violent emotional outbreaks. It is recommended that each section be completed at least 24 hours apart.

Section I - Core Principles

Section II - Reason and Logic

Section III - American Government

Section IV - Crime and Punishment

Section V - Education

Section VI - Foreign Policy

Section VII - Economics

Section VIII - Morality

Section IX - Family and Sex

Section X - Race and Culture

Section XI - Feminism

Section XII - Environment

Term Match

Many thanks to Thomas Sowell for filling in the areas of my education that were neglected in Public School. His weekly column can be found here.

This test is in the public domain. Distribute Freely.


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